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A Proud American Company

We are an American-owned company that manufactures an all American made product.   We ship from a central location and have extensive knowledge of a huge variety of metal building applications.

Our mission list is why we’ve grown….

  • Never forget that we must delight every customer to remain in business.
  • Word of mouth is everything – a happy customer is our best salesperson and always will be.
  • Customers must be happy with their purchase every time they use it.
  • Treat others as we’d want to be treated every single day.
  • Never mislead a customer or compromise in honesty to make a sale.
  • Walk away from a sale in cases where our product would not be a good fit – the sale will come later.
  • Reduce waste, in material and construction time, at every customer’s site.
  • Help customers avoid mistakes – even if it means we don’t sell a building.
  • Offer a reliable, durable, strong and attractive product at a market leading price point.
  • Ship as quickly as possible while keeping quality assurance as job #1.
  • Protect customers’ investments with industry-leading warranties.
  • When human mistakes happen, make it right.

A Proud American Company

We are an American owned company that manufactures an all American made product. Our metal buildings are unique, multipurpose facilities designed around the owners many uses. You can play in it, stay in it, manufacture, truck, stable, farm, shop, build a loft, or fellowship in it! We believe that customer satisfaction, quality, low price and easy construction guarantees you the best buy available.


Our Steel Building Kits

Our buildings are built with high quality American made steel on precision jig tables, eliminating any variation in size. Factory welded and pre-punched, including the girt and purlin clips, our trusses are submerged in a rust proofing solution for a long maintenance free life. Adjustable endwall trusses are standard. A 50 year warranty covers truss materials and workmanship. Our quality control ensures an easy to erect truss, saving you valuable construction time.



“I really appreciated Roberts help in designing my building. David Alexander did a very good job of installing the building. The whole experience went very well even though the weather did not cooperate. Your support made the project go better than expected. Thanks.”

Paul Sherwood

“I have purchased several things from Kentucky still and I have had good experience with their service. Dustin and his employees have treated me very well.”

David Alexander

“Awesome people and structure to work with.”

Josh Bratcher