How Do You Build a Steel Building?

Assembling a steel building is a very simple process in comparison to other building types.

All of our buildings come with an owner’s manual specific to your building system and a complete installation guide with plenty of photographs.  The guide will walk you through the unloading, storage and construction of your steel building.  We also offer complete customer service so you can talk to your building specialist throughout the building process.  We are dedicated to your building system and your peace of mind and want you to build efficiently and correctly.  We will provide you with foundation requirements, anchor bolt templates and specs, while your building is still in manufacturing so that your foundation can be prepared for the construction of your building the day that your building system is delivered.

Related FAQs

Yes! All Kentucky Steel buildings come standard with full load trusses at both endwalls. That allows you to open the endwall and attach more bays to continue your free span facility. Want to make the building wider and add offices/classrooms? Perfect we have thought of that as well, attach enclosed sheds on both sides with the same snow and wind loads of the original building!


Absolutely! We love to work with churches and realize that it takes a great effort from the committees to ensure they are buying and constructing the best possible building for their congregation. We have a few close to our manufacturing/showroom in Winchester, KY and would be happy to tour them with you and allow you to talk with the pastors one on one.


Yes, Kentucky Steel Manufactures special wall columns for churches, The Cathedral Truss Column. The columns are 8” wide straight up to 8’6” then tapers out. We provide 8” wide girts to go in between the truss legs to hide the truss in the wall. Girts are on 2’ centers so no need to build out addition wall for the exterior as you can attach your sheetrock straight to our girts. Ask your building specialist for more details.