Steel Building Assembly tips

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Steel buildings can be constructed with many uses in mind, from recreational purposes to residential, to even meeting business needs. No matter what your intentions are, Kentucky Steel Buildings in Winchester KY offer precision cuts of American made steel to fit every occasion. When assembling your own steel building, follow some of these helpful tips in order to save time and money for a long lasting construction.

Divide The Work

The first course of action in order to save time and money during your construction build is to pre-plan your work before starting. Make sure the work site is clean and safe, then delegate work duties for the remainder of the build to help organize plans. Assign individual’s certain tasks, and if you have enough help, divide several people into different groups with a particular job to complete. By sorting responsibilities into small sections, more work can take place on several portions of the building at once to save time and more specialized attention can be given to each job in order to prevent mistakes and save costs. This also allows the build to eventually come together smoothly at the end. If you can find helpful workers with prior building experience, that will also save time and money while allowing the build to construct more efficiently than with inexperienced workers.

Have A Plan

The easiest steel building construction efforts won’t be simple unless you follow the instructions precisely. Even when following the instructions, it’s always best to have a plan for your building efforts. In order to ensure you remain organized and efficient on the build, lay out all of the components that go together before starting. By grouping your common construction items together based on what part of the building they’re designed for saves time considering workers aren’t constantly searching for the correct parts. It’s also extremely important to acquire all the proper equipment and tools you need for your steel building prior to beginning work. Having the correct tools and materials allows the construction to flow with ease and less confusion. If you intend to leave your steel building work site overnight, look in to nighttime security to prevent theft and be sure to always enforce work site safety during the day as to prevent any injuries, allowing everyone to remain on the job.

Easy Building Tips

When it comes to your steel building construction, using any method to save time, money, and ensure an easy and safe construction is preferred. In order to break the work load into smaller portions, consider building in sections. When you assemble the steel framework bay by bay for your steel building, you are allowing for much easier construction in a more organized manner. After you’ve completed the first bay, you can easily erect the frames and tie them together

flawless. Another construction tip is to bolt before raising, meaning you attach as many components of the build together as possible before raising them one final time to fit together properly to form your steel building. This is an easy method to ensure that your steel building is not only constructed with accuracy for each individual section but also a great way to save time. By contacting the professionals at Kentucky Steel Buildings, you’ll be well on your way to the construction for your steel buildings in KY in no time.


Our Steel Building Kits

Our buildings are built with high quality American made steel on precision jig tables, eliminating any variation in size. Factory welded and pre-punched, including the girt and purlin clips, our trusses are submerged in a rust proofing solution for a long maintenance free life. Adjustable endwall trusses are standard. A 50 year warranty covers truss materials and workmanship. Our quality control ensures an easy to erect truss, saving you valuable construction time.