Advantages of Steel Buildings

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In the last few years steel buildings have become popular in both the commercial and industrial fields but also for residential use. Steel buildings offer many advantages to their owners such as environmental benefits, ease of use, and money saving qualities. Here at Kentucky Steel Buildings, your best choice for steel building in Kentucky, we want to show you why you should choose steel.

Environmentally Beneficial

Steel buildings are incredibly environmentally sound. Steel is the number one recycled material in North America. Since the beginning of 2016 over twenty-two million tons of steel has been recycled. This recycled steel is then used in the new pieces of steel that is forged. Every single piece of steel in North America contains recycled steel and every new piece then continues to be recyclable. By choosing to construct with a material that is created with recycled materials and that can then be recycled after its use is a highly efficient use of resources for not only the consumer but also the environment. Steel is also environmentally beneficial because it is energy efficient. Steel buildings’ heat and cooling loss is significantly lower than other types of construction materials. So not only will you help save the environment with this decision to build with steel, but you can also save yourself a substantial amount of money.

Save Money

Saving money on your building project is easy to do when steel is your chosen construction material. First of all, steel is the least expensive material available to the consumer for construction so you will immediately save money when you choose this material over others. Secondly, steel is impervious to all forms of weather and because of this you not only save on potential repairs but also on replacement costs because your building will not be effected by the climate or any harsh conditions that could occur. The third way you will save money by choosing a steel building is on insurance costs. Insurance companies acknowledge the durability and long lifespan of steel. Thus, most companies will offer their customers savings and rebates for choosing materials to build with that will not need to be repaired frequently.

Owner Ease

The last advantage that steel offers to the consumer is simplicity. With steel buildings your construction times are shorter because of the pre-engineered designs of our products (along with this comes lower construction costs because the labor is decreased, so even more money saved). Pre-engineered steel buildings are designed and pre-constructed for ease of assembly for the costumer. Steel buildings can also be expanded easily before, during, and after the building process is complete. Steel buildings require minimal maintenance, as their surfaces are simple to clean with common cleaning products. And lastly, steel buildings will look good for years to come, always maintaining their paint and finishes.

Now that you can see the advantages of a steel building it’s time to make the first step in your purchase. At Kentucky Steel Buildings, your premiere resource for steel buildings in Kentucky, we can help you begin this process. We are proud to offer our customers four distinct styles of steel buildings, all engineered with the consumer in mind. We are an American owned company that manufactures a fully American made product that you can play in, stay in, or work in. Contact us today to and we can help you purchase the perfect structure for your needs.


Our Steel Building Kits

Our buildings are built with high quality American made steel on precision jig tables, eliminating any variation in size. Factory welded and pre-punched, including the girt and purlin clips, our trusses are submerged in a rust proofing solution for a long maintenance free life. Adjustable endwall trusses are standard. A 50 year warranty covers truss materials and workmanship. Our quality control ensures an easy to erect truss, saving you valuable construction time.