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America’s Best Buy in Steel Building Parts & Materials

At Kentucky Steel, we offer buildings, panel and supplies for homes, businesses, churches, recreational facilities, farms, aircraft hangers and other settings.  The combination of high quality construction and affordability makes our steel building accessories and steel building replacement parts an exceptional value.

We use the highest quality material with the best finish in the industry. All painted panels and trim come standard with an industry leading 40-year warranty backed by Valspar. Kentucky Steel never cuts corners, from our structural frames, to our base trim and rat guard.  We are the manufacturer, we control the quality of all steel, paint, and components that are shipped from our facilities.

We have highly specialized staff to form your panel and trim.  We can do custom trims for your existing building.  We offer insulation, filler strips, self-drillers, wood screws, sliding door components, walk doors, roll up doors, windows, cupolas, ridge vents, and more.  Call us with your questions and we will get you the product and design you need. We are always with a focus on end users like you – and how we can create the very best steel building accessories and other products.



At Kentucky Steel, you’ll find everything needed to finish your building or to replace old dented parts. Our selection includes base trims, rat guard, corners, inside corners, rake trim, ridge caps, eave trims, gutters, downspouts and more.

Open web trusses

We are committed to ensuring you can create or maintain steel structures at your home or business. Our selection of frame systems includes clearspan frames, multispan frames, single-slope frames, Self-supporting roofs and lean-tos.

Secondary Framing

This encompasses the girts, purlins, bracing and various angles. Sizes and material thickness is custom designed for your needs and to meet all building load requirements. We roll form 2×6 and 2×8 galvanized C Channels in 16, 18, and 20-gauge structural steel. We also manufacture track, door frame units, and base angles.

Framed openings, doors and windows

What type of door or window do you have on your steel structures? What type of door do you want to have on your structures? Do you need Windows? What type of Walk door? We offer a full selection of steel building components, including framed openings for roll up doors, sectional overhead doors, sliding doors, and bi-fold doors.  We sell high quality commercial roll up doors, steel walk doors, storefront glass doors, sliding windows, single hung windows, double hung window, etc.

Panel for Roofing and Siding, Skylights

We offer 14 beautiful colors with a 40-year warranty.  We roll a 1” high PBR panel using 27-gauge material.  The panel is commercial grade with a residential look.  We roll for and can factory cut and transport lengths for 0’6” up to 45’0”.   We also offer translucent skylights in 2’8”, 4’6”, 6’6” and 10’6” lengths.