Why Metal Building Kits?

Why Metal Building Kits?2017-12-07T16:04:54+00:00

KY Steel Buildings specializes in the distribution of Steel facilities, below is an article highlighting the advantages of Steel buildings in industrial, commercial, agricultural, and storage based needs.

Steel Buildings for a Variety of Industries and Purposes

KY Steel Buildings, located in Winchester Kentucky, specializes in the distribution of steel buildings for commercial, agricultural, Industrial and storage purposes. Their low prices and easy construction guarantee a high-quality facility at a great deal! Visit the KY Steel website for further information or visit the Federal Steel Systems website for more reasons why steel buildings are an exceptional advantage to your facility needs.

Steel buildings are perfect for all of your business and personal storage or industrial needs. Constructed using trusted American steel and jig tables as well as pre-dipped Trusses to avoid rusting; KY Steel Buildings are protected under a quality guarantee. Steel buildings are inexpensive and sturdy, with their weather resistance and spacious layouts, they are perfect for turning any space into a sheltered and protected commercial, agricultural, industrial or storage facility.

Agricultural Usage

Steel buildings offer a safe and protected shelter for any type of animal, equipment or crop storage; consider switching out traditional wood-made barns for steel construction. Wood is not made to withstand many years of natural wear and tear; it rots, breaks down, and is susceptible to damage caused by bugs or other life forms such as bees and termites. Steel is made to stand the test of time, and with the use of a chemical seal that coats each building from KY Steel, the harsh weather elements are kept from rusting

Commercial and Industrial Usage

With the stylish choice of design offered through the KY Steel Buildings website, the use of such facility stretches from industrial all the way to commercial. For industrial use, steel buildings have a wide variety of sizes that are perfect for spaces such as office buildings, manufacturing areas, and fuel facilities and in addition to warehouse and Manufacturing facilities, steel buildings can be used for restaurants, retail businesses, banks, car dealerships, etc. The KY Steel website allows for color selection and gives direct and easy to follow descriptions of their products.

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities are a great way to reduce clutter due to business or personal needs, whether those be a garage or auto storage unit, or a personal self-storage facility, finding the right match for your desired space has never been easier. Not only are the buildings built to keep the items inside safe, but also steel buildings are exceptionally cheap and low-hassle. For more information regarding the pros of owning a steel building or two, check out the KY Steel website linked in the first paragraph, and read this construction article that lists the pros and cons of steel buildings.


Our Steel Building Kits

Our buildings are built with high quality American made steel on precision jig tables, eliminating any variation in size. Factory welded and pre-punched, including the girt and purlin clips, our trusses are submerged in a rust proofing solution for a long maintenance free life. Adjustable endwall trusses are standard. A 50 year warranty covers truss materials and workmanship. Our quality control ensures an easy to erect truss, saving you valuable construction time.